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      Graphene KNG-G2 (Classic)

      KNG?-G2 is a classical graphene product from Knano which is widely be used in polymer and coating.
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      Product description

      KNG®-G2 is a classical graphene product from Knano which is widely be used in polyers and coating.

      KNG®-G2 consists of large numbers of single-layer sheets and a few few-layer graphenes having a high aspect ratio. The production process involves no oxidation and reduction treatment, therefore the crystal structure of six-numbered-ring plane in graphene is well preserved, giving an excellence electrical conductivity and stability.


      Bulk Powder Characteristics

      KNG-G2 Characteristics
      Property Typical Value
      Thickness 1-3 layers
      Diameter(D50) 7-12um
      Appearance Black /Gray Powder
      Bulk Density 0.01-0.02g/cc
      Moisture <2%

      SEM for Graphene KNG-G2

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